An Entire Investor Relations Department When You Need It

Elevate your capital markets relevance. Get the attention, support and respect from the financial community that your growing business deserves.




Our Approach

Our goal is to act seamlessly as your Investor Relations Officer.


It’s all about growing your business – not ours. We maintain a small, focused operation that isn’t distracted by managing expansion plans. You will not get handed off to a junior rep.

More than just a client services provider – we are an integral part of your IR capital markets team, emulating your identity, not ours.



I have watched the investor relations landscape evolve over the last 25 years and still learn something new every day.

- Cory Pala. CEO, Evestor.

About Evestor

The Company is led by Cory Pala, Investor Relations Officer, a market veteran with more than two decades of IR experience. Cory brings broad sector expertise in developing and delivering effective market narratives to targeted audiences. Leveraging his capital markets experience and insight he delivers effective IR, connecting issuers with key market influencers and the right investors focused on your sector.

Over his career Cory has supported numerous public issuers with liquidity and access to capital. Managing the investor relations function he employs best practices in public corporate communications, governance and disclosure, assisting issuers to navigate an evolving regulatory landscape.

Cory is a founder of Canada's largest Investor Relations agency (acquired by TSX in year 12). He was instrumental in evolving the IR services model with a view from The Street. Cory launched his career in Ottawa at the world headquarters of Bell-Northern Research (BNR) as an Emerging Datacom Technologies Analyst, as part of a team investigating emerging datacom technologies and start-ups on behalf of Northern Telecom. He was promoted to Wireless Technologies Analyst at Nortel Networks in McLean, Virginia, developing strategies for the next generation wireless personal communication services (PCS) which ultimately evolved into the advanced wireless networks that support the ubiquitous smartphones of today.